Solid Edge


Why companies choose Solid Edge


  1. Synchronous Technology: a unique 3D design technology that combines the speed and flexibility of direct modelling with precise control of dimension driven design, to provide the fastest, most flexible design experience possible.
  2. Superior transition from 2D to 3D: Solid Edge is the only 2D/3D design system offering a solution for creating and maintaining 2D data as well as utilizes it in your 3D design process in a single product.
  3. Complete product modelling toolset: Built on Parasolid and D-Cubed, the most complete and powerful surface and solid modelling solution in its class.
  4. Best sheet metal modelling in its class: A dedicated environment for accelerating the design of sheet metal parts through automatic flat pattern generation and documentation.
  5. Optimal performance and management of massive assemblies: Solid Edge has clear leadership in massive assembly design making it practical to work with models well in excess of 100,000 parts.
  6. Production-proven 2D drafting: Solid Edge leads the market in automatic drawing creation supporting all drawing view types, dimensions, annotations and complete 2D drawing tools.
  7. Scalable design and failure analysis: The simulation tools in Solid Edge range from Femap Express to Femap and can take full advantage of simplified and mid surface models.
  8. Collaboration throughout the supply chain: Siemens offers a complete suite of view and markup tools for collaborating with internals, customers and supplies.
  9. Scalable design and design management solutions: Choose from a range of design and data management tools that suite your business needs.