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Industrial Solutions

Industrial Machinery

Manufacturers of industrial machinery & heavy equipment are facing many challenges to streamlining of product development processes in order to develop & produce better machines in a shorter time and at a lower cost.  

Key Benefits of Solid Edge to Industrial Machinery Customers- 

Fast & Accurate Parts & Assembly Modelling.

  1.  Accurate Fit & Function and function of machinery components.
  2. Easy utilization of standard parts for faster design time and lower product costs.
  3. Automatic BOM & Drawing Updating.
  4. Simulation & validation of critical parts and assemblies.
  5. Engineer-to-order capabilities for rapid configuration of complete machines.

Industrial Food Processing Equipment


Industrial food processing equipment (IFPE) manufacturers face many challenges in supplying high-quality machinery that meets their customers’ requirements while winning new business and maintaining profitability. Some of these challenges include:


  1. Presenting compelling proposals to customers that communicate the unique benefits of your equipment designs
  2. Designing and manufacturing equipment that meets all relevant industry standards & documenting your compliance with these standards
  3. Meeting your customers’ demands for equipment that delivers lower labour costs, a better work environment and improved operator safety
  4. Reducing the operating costs of your equipment, including energy consumption
  5. Designing equipment for easy cleaning, maintenance and high reliability
  6. Providing excellent installation and on-going support services

Agricultural Machinery

Using Solid Edge for the design of agricultural machinery, you can:

Meet increasing demand for agricultural machinery with shorter product development times

  1. Support innovative machinery and equipment design with powerful, flexible 3D design tools
  2. Facilitate feasibility studies with rapid 3D modelling to assess new product designs and configurations
  3. Easily integrate standard and catalogue parts from external suppliers into your designs
  4. Perform virtual testing of your designs to eliminate interferences between moving parts, and minimize manufacturing issues
  5. Reduce end-user operating costs with efficient machine designs
  6. Demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations with secure document control and electronic workflow management and signoffs
  7. Improve customer service by providing high-quality, illustrated maintenance documents and maintaining accurate “as-delivered” bills of materials (BOMs) for machinery and equipment

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